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Investing in Coins

A free guide to investing in Coins

Investing in Coins

Coins not only offer a strong investment - with returns that have rivalled the successes of postage stamps in recent years - but are also fascinating items, steeped in history, which have exchanged hands thousands of times and have been used for all manner of transactions.

There are an estimated 50m coin collectors underpinning the market in the US alone, with over $10bn in US rare coins sales occurring annually.

And markets continue to grow around the world. India's coin market, for example, is currently worth approximately $2.1bn, with investment-led demand now accounting for 30% of gold coin sales.

Reasons to invest

No arrows dime
The 1873-CC Seated Liberty No Arrows dime - up 11.96% pa between 2004-2012

Growing interest - The collectible coin market is currently being stimulated by the wealthiest members of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), who are spending their new found money on repatriating their coin heritage.

Strong, reliable returns - The coin asset class attracted a mean annual return of 10.5% (before inflation) between 1941 and 2003, according to the Journal of Financial Planning.

Low volatility - Coins are not directly correlated to any other mainstream investments, which ensures low volatility when downturns appear in other markets.

Valuable diversity - Some of the best relative performance from coins is delivered during periods when long-term bonds perform poorly - a great way to add vital diversity to your collection.

Simple investment options - Many large investment companies have set up coin investment funds, with Kidder Peabody increasing its American Rare Coin Fund to $110m after huge success - providing a passive way to invest in rare coins.

High liquidity - A huge array of collectors worldwide guarantees liquidity.

Historical performance

The market has outperformed the FTSE 100 in recent years, with the Avarae Investment Trust - which holds a £1m ($1.6m) 1344 double florin, an Emperor Claudius aurei and a William the Conqueror silver penny - returning 40% over a three year period between 2008 and 2011, compared to the FTSE 100's 26% over the same time frame.

In August 2012, a unique 1873-CC Seated Liberty No Arrows dime sold for $1.8m at the ANA World's Fair of Money - an 11.96% pa increase on its $891,250 sale price in 2004.

The average coin on the PCGS US Key Dates and Rarities Index rose by 8% pa between January 1970 and August 2012.

The GB200 Coin Index, which tracks the prices of the leading 200 British coins, posted an increase of 13.38% pa between 2002 and 2012.


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Last updated: 4 January 2013