Classic gold coin from Queen Anne's reign is priced at £14,000

A quick scan of the coin markets reveals a great quality numismatic gem that's worthy of closer attention...

This five guineas piece is dated to 1713. British five guinea coins were machine-struck between 1668-1753 in gold, measuring 37 millimetres in diameter and weighing between 41-42 grams.

Today the coin is referred to as a "five guinea" piece, but would also have been known as a "five pound" piece when this example was struck.

The British five guinea coin, dated to 1713

This dated back to the reign of Charles II, when a guinea was worth 20 shillings. Then, just four years after this example was produced (1717), a Royal Proclamation fixed the coin's value at 21 shillings.

Designs of coins produced in 1703 during the reign of Queen Anne (ANNO REGNI SECVNDO) have the word VIGO under the Queen's head.

This indicates that the gold was captured from Spanish galleons in the Battle of Figo Bay. Exceptionally rare and valuable, they can be worth up to £50,000.

This later coin (1713, DVODECIMO) doesn't bear the VIGO inscription beneath Queen Anne's profile, and isn't quite so valuable.

The piece has been graded AU-55 (or 'About Uncirculated')

But its PGCS-certified quality certainly gives it great potential as an entry-level investment.

According to the coin's seller, R Ingram Coins, this five guineas piece has been graded AU-55 (or "About Uncirculated"). That's just six grade points below "Extremely Fine."

This slabbed (meaning it's sonically sealed inside a hard plastic holder, for the uninitiated) piece of British history is currently for sale online to collectors, priced at £14,000.


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