$20,000 Swiss gold allegorical coin will fascinate collectors next month
Next month will see a fascinating sale of Ancient, World, and British Coins and Antiquities taking place online courtesy of the Classical Numismatic Group.

There are around 600 Greek and 700 Roman coins going under the hammer. Some of the most covetable pieces however are portrait medals with two gold rarities in remarkable condition.

Firstly, there is a papal state medal depicting Pius IX. Created by J. Bianchi and G. Girometti, it shows Pius with a left-facing bust, wearing a zucchetto, mozzetta, and pallium.

Pius IX coin reverse
The extraordinarily clear image of Jesus's humility

The reverse bears the text Ego Dominvs Et Magister (I am thy lord and thy teacher) above Christ kneeling and facing right, wearing nimbus crown and bathing the feet of St Peter who is seated facing him, also wearing a nimbus crown.

Beneath the scene, the text EXEMPLVM DEDI VOBIS (this example I have given to ye) appears, confirming the message of humility in the scene. The coin is in superb, extremely fine condition and a valuable asset. It is somewhat conservatively estimated at $5,000.

The likely star of the show however is a gold Swiss medal by H J Bullinger which shows an obverse jam-packed with symbolism:

Two hands are shown clasped, holding a crowned heart and joined by a chain emanating from rayed name of God in Hebrew from above.

To the left, a rooster appears perched right upon an obelisk, representing passion and strength, with a palm frond and sceptre (authority and triumph) crossed in a saltire.

To the right is a pigeon perched left upon a grapevine, representing gentleness and fertility whilst below a skull and crossbones and a snail appear (suggesting death and rebirth or the everlasting bond of marriage).

Swiss Zurich medal coin
The deeply complex Swiss gold piece

Swinging beneath all this is the phrase Treu Und Lieb · Stets Bei Uns Bleib (faith and love shall remain with us always).

The reverse is more simple - at least by comparison. The text Amat · Victoria · Curam · (victory loves care) appears above the allegorical figure of Victory, holding a palm frond, clasping hands with and embracing Care, holding square.

Swiss Zurich medal coin reverse
Victory takes Care under her wing

Various military instruments appear on the ground to the right, whilst a stork (representing steadfastness) is standing to the right with its head left.

In extremely fine condition, displaying underlying lustre with some light marks, the piece is expected to sell for around $20,000 in the auction which concludes online on September 14. Watch this space to find out more.


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