Rare French Canadian banknote could float to $15,000 in Detroit
Notaphilists are certain to enjoy Ponterio's upcoming World's Fair of Money auction in Detroit, as nearly 250 of the 700 lots are rare paper currency with some truly exceptional pieces on offer.

In particular, there is a particularly exciting range of Canadian banknotes on offer, with three in particular standing out.

Firstly, there is ahighly prized piece of 'card money' that circulated nearly 30 years with this piece showing the first year of issuance.

Canadian card money
Worth more than the last card in a Royal flush: the Canadian card money

The note is signed by Beauharnois and Hocquart with the aforementioned signature being quite bold and the latter only slightly faded. Three stamped seals are seen which attribute themselves to the signing officials.

This denomination was cut at the corners creating an eight-sided truncated rectangle which was meant to more quickly identify the denomination. One of the more pleasing of the scant few in private hands, this valuable asset is expected to sell for up to $8,000.

Another remarkable piece is a Bank of Canada $1,000 note from 1935. This is naturally the highest denomination for this popular series. The auctioneer says they handled a Gem example in their 2009 ANA sale where it brought $19,550.

They've listed this one at up to $15,000, which is hardly overoptimistic as it carries a grade of Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ.

From the same year, lower in face value but perhaps its equal in covetability is a Banque Du Canada $50 note.

This French text $50 note is a rarity in all states of preservation and terrifically rare in uncirculated grades (this one is Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ). A scant 32,500 were printed for the catalogue number and most were redeemed.

Banque du Canada banknote 50 1935
Fresh, fine and French: the Banque du Canada banknote

It is among the scarcest of small size Canadian notes and surely missing from even comprehensive collections. The note has no previous auction history being safely tucked away with others of this series offered in the same sale.

Vivid inks are immediately noticed which resulted from a strong impression of the design. Deeply embossed overprints are also welcomed and easily noticed when looking through the PMG holder.

Banque du Canada banknote $50 1935 back
When microphones were magic... the note's reverse

The striking allegorical vignette laid to the back shows 'Modern Inventions' with a radio microphone and faint outline of a globe making up the background. Also well centred which makes this impressive note also border on a Gem state, it is expected to achieve up to $15,000.

Ponterio's auction will take place in Chicago on August 16 courtesy of the ANA.


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