1732 Philip V gold 8 escudos to lead Mexican coin sale

A 1732 Philip V gold 8 escudos is to lead an August 13 sale of Mexican coins at Heritage Auctions.

It's expected to sell for around $70,000-100,000.

Philip V escudos
The Philip V gold 8 escudos is among the first coins minted in the Americas

The coin is believed to be one of the first minted in Mexico under Spanish colonial rule. This issue displays no assayer marks or denomination and is exceptionally rare.

Heritage explains: "These issues are amongst the rarest and most historically significant of the entire Mexican gold series being the first milled coins produced in the Mexico City mint, and thus the first milled coins of the Americas…

 "A few silver and gold coins of the 1732 date were struck with incomplete dies without the denomination nor the assayer initial(s) on the reverse...

"…these coins would have been among the first milled coins struck in Mexico, thus on March 29, 1732 or shortly thereafter…"

An 1812 Ferdinand VII gold 4 escudos struck in Guadalajara is likely to prove another highlight with a valuation of $50,000-60,000.

Only two specimens of this coin have appeared at auction in the past 75 years, making this a highly anticipated lot.

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