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Mauritius 1859 Mint Lapirot 2d blue intermediate impression, SG38
MAURITIUS 1904-07 2c dull and bright purple, SG165
MAURITIUS 1913-22 10r green and red/emerald, SG204c
MAURITIUS 1921-34 20c Prussian blue, SG235a
MAURITIUS 1921-34 4c green, SG226c
MAURITIUS 1921-34 4c green, SG226c
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MAURITIUS 1935 Silver Jubilee 5c ultramarine and grey variety, SG245g
MAURITIUS 1938-49 25c brown-purple, SG259b/ba
MAURITIUS 1953-58 5r orange-brown, SG305a
MAURITIUS 1965 Birds 1r light yellow-olive error, SG328a
MAURITIUS 1965 Birds 2c lemon error, SG317a
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1903-05 black and blue, SG23b
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1903-05 dull purple/red, SG18c
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1905-06 10c dull purple/red, SG25b
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1914-26 5c on ½d yellow-green SPECIMEN, SG129
MOROCCO AGENCIES 1948 Royal Silver Wedding 45p on £1 blue, SG177
Natal - South Africa 1887-89 2d olive-green SPECIMEN, SG106s
Natal - South Africa 1902 £20 red and green
Natal - South Africa 1902-03 1d carmine SPECIMEN variety, SG128svar
NEVIS 1862 1d imperforate proof in carmine-lake, SG1
NEVIS 1867-76 1d pale red, SG9
NEVIS 1867-76 1d pale red, SG9
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NEVIS 1882-90 1s pale violet, SG34
NEVIS 1882-90 1s pale violet, SG34
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NEVIS 1882-90 ½d dull green, variety, SG25a

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