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Nigeria (Lagos) 1874-75 1s orange, SG8a
Nigeria (Lagos) 1874-75 1s orange, SG8a
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Nigeria (Lagos) 1884-86 1d rose-carmine variety, SG22w
Nigeria (Lagos) 1904 10s green and brown, SG53
North Borneo 1892 '8/Cents.' on 25c indigo SG65
North Borneo Labuan 1878 (Nov 2) 12c, engraved essay die proof. SG3
North Borneo LABUAN 1894-96 blue 'Sambar stag', SG63a
North Borneo Labuan 1894-96 grey-mauve, SG62ba
North Borneo Labuan 1896 2d black and blue Jubilee, SG84a
North Borneo Labuan 1901 24c blue and ochre Postage Due, SGD9ba
North Borneo Labuan 1901 2c black and green Postage Due, SGD1a
Nyasaland 1913 Mint £10 variety Nick in top right scroll, SG99c
PALESTINE 1920-21 1m sepia (UNUSED), SG30a
Papua 1930 'Air' 1s sepia and olive error, SG117a
RHODESIA 1892 ½d on 6d ultramarine (USED), SG14
Sarawak 1933 Telegraphs set of 11 to $5 on 8c - SG91/105
Saudi Arabia 1970-72 mint yellow-orange myrtle green, SGO1040/O1054
Solomon Islands 1907 6d large canoe imperf pair (Unused) SG6a
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 to 1s (SPECIMEN), SG53s/6s
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1940 Postage Due set of 8 to 1s (SPECIMEN), SGD1s/8s
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1946 Victory 1½d and 3d (SPECIMEN), SG73s/4s
SOLOMON ISLANDS 1981 Ships and crests 8c (UNUSED), SG430w

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