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UGANDA 1896 typeset 1a black, SG70
UGANDA 1896 typeset 1a black, SG70
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Trinidad & Tobago 1913-23 5s brown-purple and violet,SG155d
TRANSJORDAN 1929 4m on 15m ultramarine Postage Due error, SGD185a
Tonga 1962 1s "Emancipation" 1s blue and black error, SG125a
Tonga 1891 8d on 2d violet variety, SG6a
SWAZILAND 1947 Royal Visit set of 4 to 1s Specimens, SG42s/5s
Sudan 1948 New Arabic 20p pale blue and deep blue, SG110a
ST HELENA 1922-37 1½d rose-red, variety, SG99/b
South West Africa 1930 registered OHMS cover, SGO9, 11
SOUTH AFRICA 1930-47 6d green and orange Officials, variety, SGO16b
SOUTH AFRICA 1925 Air 9d green variety, SG21var
South Africa Transvaal Wolmaransstad 1900 Cover
SAMOA 1877-80 'EXPRESS" 9d orange-brown, SG20
SOUTHERN RHODESIA 1937 6d printer's sample in sepia, SG44
Rhodesia 1910-13 3d purple and ochre, SG180
PALESTINE 1920-21 5p purple, SG43PALESTINE 1920-21 5p purple, SG43
PALESTINE 1920-21 5p purple, SG43
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NYASALAND 1921-33 2s6d black and carmine-red/pale blue variety, SG110e
NYASALAND 1908-11 4d black and red/yellow variety, SG76w
NIGER COAST 1894 ½d on 2½d blue, SG65
NIGER COAST 1894 ½d on 2½d blue, SG65
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NEW ZEALAND 1958 2d on 1½d brown-lake error, SG763b
New Zealand 1930 1d + 1d scarlet "Nurse", SG545
NEW ZEALAND 1907-08 3d brown "Huia", SG378