One of the world's most exclusive cigar clubs 'bans' Joan Laporta

The FC Barcelona president has allegedly been excluded from the 30 members-strong smokers club for his political views
Macallan's new $15k whisky

Macallan's new $15k whisky

The 57 Lalique 'Finest Cut' will join the Six Pillars series and 50 year old Macallan as one of its most collectible whiskies

Vintage Port: The highest level of sales in 30 years

People return to port as both a drink and an inexpensive investment

Cigar lounge to open in New York

La Aurora will open the lounge with a night of food, music and Aurora 100 A�os Lanceros cigars

Bowmore completes its legendary trilogy

A 44-year-old single malt completes Bowmore's latest 'trilogy' - available for �3k and set to become among the most collected whiskies in the world

A return to the way that whisky was made 200 years ago...

'Even experts won't know which country this 200 year-old Bruichladdic whisky is from,' say distillers

Billionaire's wine sale is $1.1m success

Half the lots sell to Asian buyers, and a Chateau Petrus case sells for an incredible �29k

Top tips to help you invest in Whisky

Here is some advice to help you savour this highly rewarding alternative asset...

New Zealand wine exports hit NZ$1bn

Targets reached early for one of the country's most successful industries

The US still loves the grape

America's wine consumption is on the up...

Cotes du Rhone targets the US

France's second largest wine producing region will stage festivals, in-store tasting, and restaurant promotions in key US cities

'Largest and most varied' whisky collection for sale

'This is the most exciting collection I've handled,' says auctioneer, 'many of the bottles will never be released again or repeated by the whisky industry'

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