Top whisky distillers will bottle the world's first organic Islay single malt whisky this week.

Bruichladdic Organic is believed to be the only organic single malt in continuous production and comes from a single variety of barley from a single farm, in a single year.

Distillers say that this is a return to the way that whisky was made 200 years ago - and they reckon the taste is so unusual that even experts won't know which country it's from.

The whisky is labelled "Anns an t-seann doigh", Gaelic for "the way it used to be".

"Whilst we think we're being really progressive if you go back 200 years, everything was organic," said Mark Reynier, managing director of the privately owned Bruichladdich distillery.

"The ultimate single, single malt"

"I come from a wine background and I've seen the difference in the quality of the grapes in organic farming," said Mr Reynier.

"We have 23 farmers in Scotland growing organic barley for us, but each edition of this whisky comes from just one farm in one year - making is the ultimate single, single malt.

"Every different edition will be grown from a different farm - next year the edition will be a different taste," he said.

"In this whisky you really taste the barley, and you don't find that in single malt much now."

Bruichladdich was relaunched in 2000 after being closed for six years and has released a number of unusual takes on the traditional Islay single malt.

"We're a small private company, and we can do these things, and this is a real landmark for us, said Mr Reynier.

"It will make the drinker immortal - or kill them"

The current edition is in the process of being bottled this week. It is distilled from Chalice barley grown by William Rose at Culblair, near Inverness, in summer of 2003.

These include a bourbon edition, and a single malt called Infinity which has a specially designed long-lasting taste.

Their X4 edition - as featured in BBC2's popular programme Oz and James Drink to Britain - is said to either make the drinker immortal, or kill them.

The world's first organic single malt was first bottled in 1992 by Springbank.

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