Very Nice . . . Collectors should raise a glass to investable French wine

French auctioneer Boisgirard will be conducting a sale of fine wines and spirits in Nice, on Saturday February 12.  If there's one thing the French know, it's wine - and there are a few lots which will whet the palette of connoisseurs everywhere.

The leading lot is a 'Caisse Prestige' - a wonderful collection of top quality wines.  This luxury box contains two bottles of Cheval Blanc, two bottles of Petrus, two bottles of Margaux, two bottles of the sought after Lafite Rothschild, two bottles of Latour, and finally two bottles of Mouton Rothschild.  All are vintage 1999.  With an estimate of €5,000-6,000, this case would be an excellent way to start a wine collection.

There are a few other notable bottles for sale, which would make good entry-level investments for collectors.  Lot 296 is a fine bottle of Chartreuse 'Tarragone du siècle' - with only 512 produced, this wine is estimated to sell for between €2,500-3,000, making it the single most expensive bottle in the auction.


The Boisgirard auction has several reasonably priced fine wines

Lot 343 is a Magnum Richebourg, vintage 1971.  Hailing from the Domaine de la Romanée Conti, the wine is 4cm under the cork and would make a fine addition to a collection.  It is an affordable investment with an estimate of €2,000-2,200.  Finally, Lot 208 is a bottle of Imperiale Chateau Lafite Rothschild, vintage 1976.  Expected to sell for between €1,800-2,000, this would also make an inexpensive investment.

2010 was a strong year for fine wine sales, and - as we wrote last month - 2011 looks set to continue that trend.  You may have been investing in wine for years; or you may be a collector looking to diversify; or you may just be a wine enthusiast who is looking to expand your hobby.  And it's never too late - as we reported in January, legendary wine collector Bipin Desai didn't even taste wine until the age of 35!

So, Boisgirard's upcoming sale could be a prime opportunity to get involved in the world of fine wine collecting - not only for its widespread and vibrant culture, but for the financial benefits that might flow to you.


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