Hennessy Edition Particuliere to star at La Part des Anges auction

The annual La Part des Anges auction, an annual sale of Cognac held for charity, will be highlighted by a single bottle of Hennessy Edition Particuliere on 18 September in France.

Hennessey edition particuliere
The Hennessy Edition Particuliere is made from the house's finest blends

This is the first year the auction has accepted online bids, with collectors of Cognac expected to compete from all over the world.

Profits from the auction will benefit the charity Children in Crisis.

The Hennessy Edition Particuliere - housed in a Baccarat crystal carafe -  is sure to see fevered bidding, as it is comprised of all the finest blends produced by the house.

"Alfred Fillioux, my great-grandfather, was the first to conceive the brilliant idea of creating such a priceless legacy, to be handed down to future generations. It is a testament to the abilities of all the generations that went before us," said seventh generation master blender Yann Fillioux.

Remy Martin's 290th Anniversary Coupe originates from the cellar masters' perpetual reserve, a constant supply of eaux-de-vie that never runs dry and has been sustained by four generations of cellar masters, each hiding the reserve in a secret location before passing it on to his successor.

Estimated at $20,000, it is part of a very limited production and comes in a wooden lacquered casket.

"The soiree - the ninth event to be held - will bring together several hundred Cognac guests who share a passion for Cognac and great generosity," said Jean-Marc Morel, president of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC).

"This charity auction of prestige Cognacs also illustrates the dedication to excellence of the men and women involved in the making of Cognac, and mirrors the magic which allows a beautiful art form to be born of nature."

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