2009 Bordeaux: this century's first great vintage

According to winemakers in Bordeaux, this year's climatology is comparable to the conditions enjoyed during the renowned 1940s.

Current vintages are said to be of a quality only seen seven or eight times a century.

Crop yields are at a healthy 50-55 hectolitres per hectare, according to analysis by the Federation of Grands Vins of Bordeaux.

And the crop is as excellent as it is bountiful. A dry summer followed by perfectly timed rain has produced especially succulent grapes, the likes of which haven't been seen since 1949.

The grapes themselves have a sugar content, colour and fruitiness similar to those used in producing the great vintages, say the region's experts.

In the cellars of Bordeaux, the results are evident. Chateau Blanc has likened the wine in its most recent vat openings to "cashmere".

Chateau Blanc's latest aromatic wines have a deep colour - exactly what consumers and connoisseurs demand.

Meanwhile, at Chateau Brown on the other side of Bordeaux's river, laboratory analysis has classed the 2009 as being as good, if not better, than the Chateau's famed 2005 vintage.

So, for collectors and lovers of fine wines, Bordeaux 2009 should be on everyone's lips.

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