The rare Swiss 'military' luxury watch

The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Camo Diver watch was actually released years ago - but impressively for a watch of which only 50 originals were made - a few are still floating around the Internet.

What is initially striking about the Ulysse Nardin is the apparent attempt to disguise its display within a camouflage design, in a rare example of luxury watch fake militarism.

The Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Camo Diver
The Maxi Marine Camo Diver

According to Luxist, the camouflage upgrade to the original Maxi Marine Driver was an attempt to "harden" the look, within a 43mm wide black and steel case - perhaps aimed at people wealthy enough to go paintballing with a luxury timepiece on their wrist.

On the plus side, the minute hands and hour markers are thick and easy to read.

Inside, the Ulysse Nardin's workings include an automatic caliber UN-26 movement with a subsidiary seconds hand and power reserve indicator. It also been certified as a COSC chronometer.

If one thing is for sure, Swiss watch manufacturer's Ulysse Nardin can add their baby to 'luxury watches people either love or hate' list, along with Harry Winston's $46k Guggenheim-inspired chronograph.

The watch was originally priced at around $7,000. But today's prices will depend on the watches high scarcity - and the tastes and eccentricities of any collectors looking to buy it.

If you happen to be a fan of "rugged" watches, also take a look at SEIKO's new Spring Drive Spacewalk -  its a near-replica of a SEIKO that spent over five hours in outer space, worn by private astronaut Richard Garriott.

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