SEIKO unveils new 'Katana sword' timepieces

Japanese watchmaker SEIKO is regarded by some as a 'creeping giant' in modern watchmaking, whose exceptional timepiece engineering has largely been limited to the Japanese markets.

But this is now set to change, with the release of SEIKO's new collection of luxury timepieces: SEIKO Ananta.

The range is reportedly features Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements, and is "targeted at those who truly understand and appreciate fine watchmaking."

The Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph
The Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph

The SEIKO Ananta aims to be comfortable to wear, enjoyable to use and unrivaled in its quality of engineering.

Unusually, the watch's design is inspired by the craftsmanship of the traditional Japanese Katana sword.

First developed over 800 years ago, the Katana sword is a single sided, curved blade designed to be drawn from its scabbard and used in a single motion.

Its legendary sharpness comes from a unique kind of steel and a particular forging process to attain beauty, which SEIKO hopes is captured with the Ananta (Sanskrit for "the infinite").

The SEIKO team were reportedly given infinite scope to embrace "the most technologically advanced craftsmanship in the world," using any movement, or build new ones.

They had the freedom to explore any design direction and seek new inspiration wherever they chose. Ananta is the result: "a collection that expresses SEIKO's dedication to infinite perfection."

The Ananta collection includes three mechanical calibers, two of which are new and all of which aim to deliver the highest levels of precision, long term reliability and power reserve.

They boast 28800 vph mechanical movements; a column wheel and vertical clutch systems for timekeeping precision; day and date retrograde dials in a new layout; and an extended power reserve of over 45 hours.

SEIKO watch internal rotor
The rotor is based on a Katana sword

All three calibers use SEIKO's unique SPRON 510 alloy for the mainsprings to deliver enhanced performance, and all three use the Magic Lever system that SEIKO pioneered in 1959 - designed to "dramatically increases the efficiency and speed of the winding of the mainspring."

In the late 1960s, SEIKO's mechanical watchmaking skills were recognised with the highest ever scores at the Geneva and Neuchatel Observatory competitions.

Since then, SEIKO has refined its devoted watchmaking skills to make ever more advanced and perfect movements. But most of these movements were, until today, reserved exclusively for the Japanese market.

Ananta is hoped to herald the arrival of SEIKO's high-grade watchmaking on the global stage.

It's been a busy year for Japanese company. a SEIKO worn in space by private astronaut Richard Garriott brought an incredible $45,600 at September's Antiquorum sale.

Following the success of the space mission, a new 100 limited-edition SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk based on Garriott's space-tested timepiece has also been released.




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