All Patek Phillipe watches are special.

But the Patek Phillipe Sky Moon Tourbillion is more special than most.

Firstly it is one of the most complex watches ever mad. It has over 694 handmade components, with each gear polished to reduce friction.

The watch is double faced; one side features a perpetual calendar whilst the other has a celestial view with displays of star movement, moon orbit, and moon phases.

The motion of the moon, moon phases, and sky chart are emphasized by the use of sapphire crystals.

Secondly, only two are made each year, making the watch a true collector's item amongst the world's multi-millionaires.

But you can side step the waiting list and buy one today for $1.3m.

Considering previous examples have sold for up to $1.7m in Hong Kong auctions this could represent a bargain.

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