Antiques to intrigue all and anyone

Sale of furnishings from all around the world, with a showpiece from a time of opulence

Now is the time to buy a Dinky

'Toys are big business and outstripping the stock market,' says expert

Rock 'n' roll collectibles offer 500% appreciation...

These items cherished by rock gods of past decades are big business

Celebrity classic car collectors

With a need to look good, and the bank balances to achieve it, a number of famous faces invest in cars

Michael Jackson sale

Jackson's estate is set to release a flood of merchandise associated with the star, including some major ventures

Item rejected by TWO New York auction houses sells for $620k

It was left to a small auction house to uncover a story of Hitler, Goering and a 101 year-old undiscovered artefact

Your chance to own the original Bond books

A Scottish book fair is to sell rare and first edition copies of Ian Fleming's famous novels

Anthropologist's record of life spent globe-trotting

Museum�s collection to fascinate travel buffs and foodies alike...

The 'Classic Hoarder' sale

Old news is good news for seller in local auction

TIE Fighter sells for £203k

Tinseltown auction also includes a hoverboard, the Holy Grail and the Ten Commandments

A $1m postage stamp...

One of the world's rarest stamps is set to be auctioned on August 7th

Victorian Game Box sells for $8,800

A 19th century English game set sold for $8,800 (�5,330) at auction in Toronto, tripling its estimated price

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Elvis Presley Authentic Strand of Hair
Elvis Presley Authentic Strand of Hair
Sale price£399
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Fidel Castro signed certificateFidel Castro Signed Certificate
Fidel Castro signed certificate
Sale price£2,995
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King Henry VIII Autographed DocumentKing Henry VIII Autographed Document
King Henry VIII Autographed Document
Sale price£65,000
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