Toys have risen in value by leaps and bounds and are far outstripping the stock market, banks and building societies, say experts. 

Vectis, the world's largest toy auctioneer, is to become the first British auction house to run an investment portfolio buying toys for clients around the world.

Bryan Goodall, Chairman of Vectis, believes that toys could be the next big investment opportunity.

"The fact of the matter is that toys are now big business - and to many they are the perfect investment. You can get great fun from owning them and all the while they are growing in value," he said in statement released by Vectis.

According to Goodall, mint and boxed Dinky toys are continuing to rise above the rate of inflation. And there is no sign that this trend will slow down, with toy values on a constant increase.

"Collecting toys for investment is something which is open to even the smallest investor, unlike many other areas of the investment market," said Goodall.

"A few hundred pounds invested wisely every month can result in a collection or portfolio that can be worth thousands and it is great fun along the way. Investors can buy at auction, at toy fairs or on the Internet and if they wish we will buy for them."

Vectis will set up a number of schemes for potential investors, from sending catalogues of forthcoming sales to sending investors lists of particular toys to buy or simply build a portfolio with using specific funds.

He added: "The important point to remember is that if you are buying a toy as an investment, it needs to be in Mint condition and in its original box if it is to grow in value and gain the right return.

"We have never really seen the market drop out of toys and I don't believe it ever will."

According to Mr Goodall, now could be the ideal time to get involved in this lucrative and accessible investment.

Forthcoming Vectis toy auctions will be held in Teesside, Middlesbrough on August 18 to 19, August 26 to 27 and September 8, 9 and 10. See for regular updates and information.  ____________________________________________________________

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