Steve Jobs' leather jacket selling at Julien's Auctions

Steve Jobs' leather jacket is coming to auction next month, and we're anticipating some hefty bids.

The brown leather jacket, which the Apple co-founder famously wore when "flipping the bird" to an IBM sign in a 1983 photo, has a $12,000 high estimate.

Steve Jobs
IBM's top brass are unlikely to be bidding 

It should go far higher, such is the strong demand for Steve Jobs and Apple memorabilia, as the globe's Apple enthusiasts seek to own pieces of the company's past.

The 1976 contract that formed Apple, signed by Jobs and partners Steve Wozniak and Ronald G Wayne, sold for $1.6m in 2011.

Original Apple-1s, the company's first computer, also sell for enormous prices. The auction record stands at the $905,000 paid for a working example in 2014. A non-functioning version is auctioning on August 25.

The jacket will sell at Julien's Auctions' September 23 Icons and Idols sale, where an array of Jobs' clothing and accoutrements are up for grabs. Steve Jobs' brown bathrobe? Yours for an estimated $600. 

Steve Jobs' bow tie? $400.

Steve Jobs' collection of keys? Also $400.

The Jobs-lots (so to speak) all come from the caretakers of Jackling House, the historic California mansion that Steve Jobs owned, and unrepentantly demolished in 2011.

The sale is best described as eclectic. Also selling are Truman Capote's ashes, moulds for Dr Spock's ears, and Barbra Streisand's Oscars dress.

Check back here for more fascinating lots from the auction over the coming days.

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