Rare elephant bird egg up 122% on estimate at Christie's

A huge and rare elephant bird egg has sold with strong results as part of Christie's Travel, Science and Natural History auction, which was held on April 24 in London.

Elephant bird egg
Fragments of these eggs can be found all across Madagascar, but complete examples are exceedingly rare

The 12-inch high egg, a rare complete example, sold for £66,675 ($101,613) - a 122.2% increase on its £30,000 high estimate. The elephant bird was a native species of Madagascar that grew to around 10 or 11 feet in height and went extinct sometime during the 14th and 17th centuries.

Perhaps the most famous of all extinct species, the dodo, also featured in the sale, with a rare fragment of dodo femur selling for £8,125 ($12,393).

Rugendas lived in Valparaiso for a few finacially difficult years, during which he produced these views of the port to sell to passing travellers and local patrons

The top end of the auction was dominated by artworks from around the world, with John Moritz Rugendas' (1802-1858) view of Valparaiso, Chile, a travel-inspired piece with suitcases in the foreground, selling for £121,857. The price represents a 52.3% increase on estimate.

Also starring was the first autographed manuscript by aviator Wilbur Wright to have been offered at auction for the past 40 years. A signed, handwritten copy of the speech he gave at the Aero-Club de France on November 5, 1908, this was the culmination of a series of demonstrations that would eventually secure the first contract for the Wright Flyer.

Paul Fraser Collectible has some fantastic aviation memorabilia for sale. This photograph signed by Guy Gibson, the heroic commander of the Dam Busters, provides a brilliant memento from man's daring feats in the skies and commemorates one of the second world war's greatest heroes.

Also starring at Christie's was a miniscule pocket globe, which set a new world record at £55,857 ($85,154).

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