Lower Jurassic crocodile fossil could make $250,000

The fossil of a crocodile from the Lower Jurassic period (201.3m-174.1m years ago) is valued at $150,000-250,000 ahead of an October 4 sale at Heritage Auctions.

It was uncovered at Holzmarden in Bavaria, Germany.

Crocodile fossil Bonhams
Steneosaurus bollensis went extinct during the Middle Jurassic period

Over the years a huge variety of exceptionally well preserved fossils have been discovered in the region.

Named Steneosaurus bollensis, this species of crocodile went extinct around the Middle Jurassic period (761m-161m years ago).

Its ancestors live on today and have changed little, showing how well adapted the crocodile is to its environment.

Heritage comments: "This remarkably detailed fossilized skeleton of extinct, saltwater crocodile is quite large and extremely well preserved…

"The way it is naturally displayed makes for a quite artistic presentation…

"The skull is large and stands out, even against the rest of the curving body. The lengthy snout is very pronounced: containing numerous needlelike, sharp teeth.

"The "horseshoe" orientation of the fossil skeleton, with arms and legs sprouting out from the body, gives the appearance that the prehistoric aquatic beast is swimming in its ocean.

"This is a complete original fossil - definitely a world-class fossil specimen from a renowned locality."

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