Juvenile allosaurus dinosaur skeleton to auction in November

A juvenile allosaurus skeleton is to cross the block at Summers Place Auctions in the UK on November 25.

It's expected to sell for around £300,000-500,000 ($463,108-771,847).

Allosaurus Summers Place
Allosaurus lived around 155m-145m years ago

Allosaurus lived from 155m to 145m years ago and was among the largest carnivores of its era. Some specimens have been found at close to eight metres in length.

The present lot stands at just under three metres.

Errol Fuller, curator of the sale, explains the process by which the bones are extracted.

"The rocks at this quarry have weathered in such a way that the actual bones often lie at, or close to the surface, but this doesn't mean that the job of extracting them is an easy one," he said.

"The rock is hard and each bone has to be carefully chipped and scraped from its stony case.

"Some of the bones are gigantic, some are tiny but all must be approached with the same degree of caution to ensure that nothing of importance is overlooked."

Summers Place director Rupert van der Werff added: "The Allosaurus, together with the T-Rex, has become the quintessentially large, carnivorous dinosaur in western popular culture.

"Given the size of this Allosaurus it also adds the cute factor and may not just attract interest from museums but could also be the wow factor in a luxurious living room."

In 2013, Summers Place sold a diplodocus skeleton named Misty for £488,000 ($753,323).

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