Astonishingly, Ebay's top ten searches for collectibles contains an amazing four references to Ireland: 'Ireland', 'Guinness', 'Dublin' with the number one spot  going to 'Irish'.

Whilst it's difficult to be certain about why this is, Ireland has a long and celebrated history which has touched various parts of the globe in different ways, especially where Irish settlers have travelled. They tend to remember their Celtic heritage.

Many Americans have Irish roots, of course, and those who don't tend to claim them anyway when St Patrick's day rolls around. Yet neither Americans nor Irishmen drink as much Guinness each year as Nigerians do.

Worldwide, Ireland is seen as a country of poetry and romance.

Collectible items include stoneware whisky jugs, with Irish brand names and Irish cut crystal. Many items relating to Guinness, Jameson's Whiskey or Harp sell well.

In January 2009, a 2 foot tall ceramic statue of the famous Guinness Toucan dating from the 1930s sold for £220 in Dundee.

It should be noted that 2009 is the 250th anniversary of the year Arthur Guinness's brewing company started creating ales: 1759.

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