iPhone 6 prototype selling for $94,000 through eBay?

What is believed to be a prototype of Apple's latest release, the iPhone 6, has appeared on eBay, with the seller saying it was sent to them accidentally.

Apple iPhone 6 prototype for sale
The device is running a diagnostic mode, found only on prototypes

The phone is running a diagnostic mode, and features internal apps that the company typically uses to test devices before release. However, it is not running the iOS8 operating system, and the seller warns, "I cannot guarantee that it will make calls or that the camera will work."

That has not deterred potential buyers, who have pushed bids to over $94,000 at the time of writing. Apple has a huge fan base and its products are fast becoming highly collectible, with Apple-1 computers - the company's first - regularly seeing estimates of $500,000.

The prototype displays all the tell-tale signs that it is a pre-production model, with the regulatory information that is usually present missing and a red port featured that is found on other confirmed prototypes.

In 2010, an unreleased prototype of the iPhone 4 came to the market, and was sold to tech blog Gizmodo for £3,200. However, Apple later brought charges against the two men who discovered it, though neither saw jail time.

Steve Jobs reportedly accused the blog of extortion, but never pressed charges. Apple has always been very keen to keep its prototypes out of the public eye.

The auction ends on October 9. The iPhone 6 was released last month.

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