Huge Apple Mac collection beats estimate by 236%

A huge collection of Apple Macs from across the country's history has sold for $47,000 in a single lot at Roland Auctions.

It was originally valued at $14,000, a number it soared past by an impressive 235.7%.

Macintosh collection Tekserve
Tekserve's huge collection dates back to Apple's early years

The collection consists of 35 pieces, including a Lisa, a NeXT Cube and a 128K Macintosh signed by company co-founder Steve Wozniak.

It was one of a huge number of lots in a dedicated auction of pieces from legendary New York repair shop Tekserve, which has just shut down after more than 30 years of operation.

The store was the largest independent Apple specialist in the US. It was forced to close following competition from Apple's own brand stores.

Other items in the sale included an original Jackie Robinson "Think Different" poster from Apple's iconic 1997-1998 ad campaign.

It sold for $1,300, up 1200% on its $100 high estimate.

The campaign proved hugely successful, boosting Apple's market share after years spent lagging behind its competitors.

Soon afterwards the company would release the iMac, which cemented its status as the tech provider of choice for creatives and other design oriented types.

Weirdly, a melted 1988 Macintosh SE was another high performer - achieving $1,200.

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' leather jacket is selling at Julien's Auctions next month.

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