Fourth largest moon meteorite to star at $380,000 at Heritage

Heritage Auctions' Natural History Signature Meteorite Auction will feature the fourth largest moon meteorite on October 14 in New York.

Moon Meteorite
The meteorite features numerous impact melt breccias

The piece, known as Dar al Gani (DAG) 1058, is the fourth largest chunk of the moon available to private collectors. The moon rock recoveries by the Apollo astronauts will never appear at auction.

Using radiation level analysis, scientists have determined that the lunar meteorite originates from the far side of the moon. This analysis, combined with a scientific abstract that details its geological, mineralogical and chemical signatures, will accompany the lot at auction.

According to report, DAG 1058 was repeatedly smashed by numerous asteroids prior to its departure from the moon's surface. A "lunar breccia" it is composed of various mineral and rock fragments.

With both found in the same area, the rock is believed to have originated from the same event that caused DAG400 - the first lunar meteorite recognised to have fallen in Africa - to plummet towards Earth. Now split into two halves in order to maximise the display of surface area, the meteorite is a truly exhibition quality piece. It will sell with a $340,000-380,000 estimate.

Also featuring in the sale will be a fragment from the world renowned Tissint Martian meteorite, the larger part of which is currently housed in London's Natural History Museum. A remarkable discovery, it has been described as "the most important meteorite to have landed on planet Earth in the last 100 years". The 327 gram fragment will sell at Heritage for $230,000-250,000.

Learn more about the remarkable Tissint meteorite.

For space collectors, we have an outstanding collection of Apollo memorabilia available, which is highlighted by the training suit that Buzz Aldrin wore in preparation for his legendary moon walk.

See the results of this auction here.

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