Donald Trump's childhood home will sell in January

The childhood home of President Elect Donald Trump will be offered in a January 17 auction.

That's the second auction it's been entered into in less than a year.   

Donald Trump's family lived in the house in Jamaica Estates for four years after he was born

The original sellers bought the house for $782,500 in 2008.

They planned to offer it for auction on October 19 this year, but decided to pull it at the last minute as Trump began to look more and more like a contender for the presidency.

A buyer paid $1.2m in cash for the house this December (shortly after the election).

That buyer is now offering it at auction, with the New York Post suggesting it could sell for around $10m.

Broker Dolly Lenz explained to the Post in November: "Now that he's [president-elect], it's worth a lot more.

"It's a huge deal. And there are lots of wealthy people who buy trophy homes as one-offs.

"Think of all the billionaires who could turn this into a museum. That's the highest and best use for this house. It's an amazing opportunity for somebody."

Trump's father, Fred Trump, commissioned the house in the 1940s.

It stands in Jamaica Estates, an upper middle class enclave in the New York borough of Queens.

The family moved out in 1950, four years after Trump was born, but in an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show earlier this year he suggested he might buy it himself.

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