A 1923 Hollywood movie posted brought an incredible $89,625 at a Dallas auction, earlier this week.

A one sheet movie poster from a 1923 Paramount Pictures release entitled Hollywood sold in an auction of vintage film posters at Heritage Auction Galleries, held July 23 to 25.

The graphically surreal poster depicts the head of a large male with a daisy chain of females dancing towards his open mouth. The word 'Hollywood' appears in relief across his forehead.

The price included Buyer's Premium.

The odd poster reportedly has little to do with the film's plotline - about a hapless wannabe actress, Angela, who comes to L.A. with her grandpa in tow and fails to find work in Tinsel Town.

The movie was apparently lacking in plot, and more importantly a showcase for virtually every major movie star of Hollywood's silent film era.

Angela apparently encounters star after star while doing the rounds across Hollywood.

"This is a simply gorgeous movie poster and certainly one of the more desirable pieces in the hobby," said Grey Smith, Director of Movie Posters at Heritage.

"From 'Fatty' Arbuckle, to Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Zasu Pitts and Gloria Swanson; you name the star and they made a cameo."

Other sales included one of the most iconic and recognisable posters of the film noir genre, 1946's Gilda, featuring a sultry, smoking Rita Hayworth, which sold for $33,460.

An exceedingly rare poster from MGM's first - and arguably most important - musical The Broadway Melodycame in at just over $31,000.

"It's largely credited with starting MGM's Golden Age," said Smith of the film.

The deco themes and wide open white spaces make this poster as much a work of art as an important piece of pop culture."

Other poster sales included Ghost Exterminators, featuring Mickey, Donald and Goofy, and a one-sheet for This Gun For Hire, a noir classic starring Veronica Lake. Both sold for $21,500.

A very rare 1954 three sheet from one of the most important monster-slash-horror movies of all time, Creature from the Black Lagoon, brought $19,120.

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