Baltic amber lizard fossil will auction at Heritage

A spectacular lizard fossil preserved in Baltic amber (succinate) will sell at Heritage Auctions in Dallas on November 3.

The lot measures just under 4 inches, and displays a deep rich colour.

Baltic amber lizard
The lizard is beautifully preserved in the amber

It's valued at $60,000-80,000.

The species of the lizard remains unknown, as it's difficult to pick out specific taxonomic details from fossils.

However it originates from the Ukraine and was preserved sometime during the Eocene epoch (56m-33.9m years ago).

Heritage comments: "This is a 'wow' factor fossil sure to illicit verbal and physical responses from anyone who is lucky enough to hold it…

"This is simply an exceptional example of the singularly and tremendously rare paleontological phenomenon of a fossil Lizard trapped in Amber."

Another lizard entombed in a block of amber (of around the same size) made $95,600 at Heritage in 2009.

A mammoth tusk discovered in Alaska is expected to achieve around $25,000-35,000.

The astounding piece measures well over two metres, indicating the sheer scale of these long-extinct beasts.

A complete mammoth skeleton sold for a record £189,000 ($231,789) at Summers Place Auctions in 2014.

A wealth of other natural artefacts will star in the auction; including Alaskan gold nuggets, Australian opals and meteorites recovered from the deserts of Namibia.

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