$70,000 Ventapane violin expected to hit high notes at Boston auction

An early 19th century Italian violin with a high end estimate of $70,000 is among the standout lots at Skinner's Fine Musical Instruments sale in Boston on May 1.

The violin was produced by renowned Neapolitan instrument maker Lorenzo Ventapane in around 1810.

Ventapane instruments show the strong influence of the celebrated Gagliano family. Indeed this piece is labelled "Johannes Gagliano", evidence of an attempt to sell this item as a genuine Gagliano, a practice that was common among violin makers of the time.

This c.1810 Lorenzo Ventapane could make $70,000

The instrument, which has a 349mm back, has been subject to small inlay repairs in a number of places, including the lower bass rib, but is nevertheless expected to be highly sought after by musicians and investors alike.

A 351mm Ventapane violin made $50,000 at Christie's in 1997.

An excellent condition Stefano Scarampella violin from 1917 is also included at the auction. The piece was produced in Mantua, Italy and played by Vincent Mariotti of Boston Symphony Orchestra from 1922 to 1941. It has a top end estimate of $40,000.


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