Muhammad Ali artefacts to star in major auction

A collection of important artefacts from the life of the late Muhammad Ali features in a major sale at Morphy Auctions on March 24.

The Gary Trauth collection focuses on pieces from before Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay.

It features hundreds of items from his early career.

Cassius Clay memorabilia

The Gary Trauth collection focuses on Ali when he was still Cassius Clay 

There are gloves from major fights, as well as training equipment and the first known pair of trunks.

Traugh said: "It has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life discovering items from the early life and career of Muhammad Ali.

"Much of Ali’s life is undocumented prior to 1960; as such, it is safe to say this is the largest and most historic collection of young Cassius Clay memorabilia ever offered for sale.

"It’s both exciting and bitter sweet, as searching for and collecting these items has been a large part of my life, but the world deserves to see and know these items still exist.”

There are no estimates for any of the items yet, but Ali’s status as one of the greatest sportspeople of all time means there’s no shortage of buyers out there.

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