Garmisch Winter Olympics medal to sell in January

The medals awarded for the 1936 Garmisch Winter Olympic Games are among the rarest of all.

On January 18 RR Auction will offer a silver from the event – one of only 36 examples of the runner's up medal minted. 

The 1936 Games were hosted by Nazi Germany.

Garmisch Winter Games

The 1936 Garmisch Winter Games had one of the lowest mintings of winner's medals

The summer event took place in Berlin, while the Winter Games were held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps.

It’s an interesting fact that more countries entered into the 1936 Games than any year previously.

The Nazis made no secret of their contempt for other races and their persecution of the Jews was increasing, following the ratification of the racist Nuremberg Laws in 1935.

While some groups tried to push for a boycott of the Games, the Nazis assured everyone non-Aryans would be fairly treated.

As proof, they entered fencer Helene Mayer (of Jewish descent) in the contest.

However, she was the only Jewish entrant permitted on the German side. Other Jewish-German athletes were barred.

1936 would be the last year the Winter and Summer Games would be hosted in the same nation.

RR Auction comments: “In addition to their high rarity, the Garmisch winner's medals are among the largest and most impressive of all Olympic prize medals ever awarded.

“This example is the only Garmisch silver we have ever offered - a truly spectacular medal.”

It’s valued at upwards of $35,000.

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