Lou Gehrig Day autograph hits the auction block at $100,000

A ticket stub that legendary baseball player Lou Gehrig signed on the day of his retirement is one of many highlights in Heritage Auctions' Sports Collectibles Platinum Night Auction on July 31-August 1 in Cleveland.

Lou Gehrig Day at the Yankee Stadium was an emotional farewell to one of the greatest hitters of all time

The ticket stub is thought to be the only signed example from the historic game in existence, with just one other non-autographed ticket known. It is expected to sell for more than $100,000.

Lou Gehrig (1903-1941) was one of the greatest hitters in major league baseball, playing 17 seasons for the New York Yankees with a career batting average of .340.

His career was tragically cut short when he was forced to retire at the age of 36, having been diagnosed with ALS (now better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

More than 60,000 tickets were sold for the July 4, 1939 game, with Gehrig saying in a farewell speech: "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth."

He died just two years later.

Babe ruth signed photograph
The photograph includes a line-up of baseball's biggest characters of the day

Also starring in the sale is a fantastic signed photograph of Babe Ruth with Yankees manager Connie Mack and New York Giants manager John McGraw.

The photograph is hugely important to collectors. It also pictures Christy Walsh, the man responsible for turning baseball's stars into a lucrative enterprise, along with the captain of the champion 1931 St Louis Cardinals, Gabby Street, and Chicago White Sox pitcher Nick Altrock, who both added their autographs.  

With all five autographs rating 8-9/10, the photo is a stunning piece of baseball history and will surely attract top bids come sale day.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a wonderful selection of sports memorabilia available.

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