George Wright Red Stockings Cigars advert to exceed $120,000?

An advert for Red Stocking Cigars featuring Boston shortstop George Wright is offered with an opening bid of $120,000 at Robert Edward Auctions in New Jersey.

The sale will close on April 26.

Red Stockings Cigars
The Red Stockings Cigars advert is the first to feature an endorsement from a sports star

The one of a kind poster was printed in 1874 and is the first known example of an American commercial endorsement featuring a sporting figure.

George Wright played for the Boston Red Stockings (forerunners of the Red Sox) and is regarded as one of the greatest players of his era.

For many years the poster formed the centrepiece of the John Bounaguidi collection and was seen by only a handful of people.

It is in exceptionally fine condition and is offered in its original state.

Carlton Fisk's "waving fair" home run ball from game six of the 1975 World Series will start at $100,000.

Edward baseball Fisk
Fisk's home run secured a Red Sox victory in game six of the 1975 World Series

During the 12th inning Fisk appeared to hit a pitch into foul and began jumping around and waving his arms in the air - as though willing the ball to stay the course.

It did and the Red Sox won, forcing a rematch to decide the victor (although the Cincinatti Reds ultimately won the tournament).  

The ball was consigned to auction by Cincinatti fielder George Forster, who kept the ball after the game. It achieved $113,273 at Leland's in New York in 1999.

We have a superb collection of sports memorabilia available.

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