Signed Edgar Mitchell photos greet collectors on Apollo 14's anniversary

Space fans and collectors can relive the triumph of Apollo 14's lunar landing by becoming one of an elite few to participate in an exclusive celebration of the mission's 40th Anniversary, on January 29, 2011, where it all began — Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida.

This once-in-a-lifetime event is limited to only 50 tickets which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Presented by the non-profit Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell will lead the show alongside fellow Apollo astronauts.

These are: Neil Armstrong, Alan Bean, Gene Cernan (Apollo 14 Backup Commander as well as an Apollo 17 moonwalker), Walt Cunningham, Fred Haise (Apollo 14 CapCom, better known for Apollo 13), James Lovell, Bruce McCandless (Apollo 14 CapCom), Rusty Schweickart, Dave Scott, Tom Stafford, Al Worden, and Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter will headline this event.

Collectors might use this as an opportunity to try to ask for autographs, though of course Neill Armstrong never signs these days.

As one of only 50 ticketholders, you'll rub elbows with these legends during a champagne social at the hotel, before raising your glass to the man of the night and remembering his crewmates, the late Alan Shepard and Stuart Roosa.

Next, ticket holders will be cleared to board KSC private transport for direct, round-trip travel from the hotel to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's award-winning Apollo Saturn V Center (ASVC) for an after-hours soirée.

Your small group will be greeted by one of only three mammoth Saturn V rockets which remain in the world, suspended overhead as you make your way through the ASVC.

Among many Apollo treasures in the museum is the actual Apollo 14 Command Module Kitty Hawk, whichcarried the crew to the Moon and back. This spacecraft will become the backdrop for a rare photo-opportunity with you and Mitchell.

Throughout the evening, you'll be surrounded by relics of the Apollo program as you're wined and dined during an elegant reception followed by a sumptuous four-course meal, presented at intimate tables where you'll be seated with an Apollo astronaut.

Dinner concludes with a lavish dessert spread, full of tempting sweets and specialty coffees mingled between the museum exhibits. The icing on the cake will be when you and the Apollo astronauts gather around Kitty Hawk to reminisce about the mission in a candid discussion.

At the end of the show, to help attendees remember the evening, a collectible print of your photo op, signed by Mitchell, a photo CD of the evening and a DVD of the Apollo astronaut discussion program will be given.

Tickets are available for $1,000 each which is to be considered in part a charitable donation.

Alternatively, investors who simply want Edgar Mitchell's signature together will those of other moonwalkers can take a look at one which is currently available here.


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