'Last ever flown' map showing Apollo 17's landing site comes up for sale

Apollo 17 was the end of an era. The 1972 mission was the last one in which man reached as far into space he could go and set foot on another heavenly body.

For this reason, there are a fair number of collectors and investors who specialise in Apollo 17 memorabilia exclusively, and there are three items which have recently come onto the market which would sit very well at the centres of their collections:

Firstly, there is an Apollo 17 lunar surface flown checklist page. During each of the six Apollo lunar landings, the astronauts carried several checklists to the lunar surface and back:

The most important of these checklists is known as the "Lunar Surface Checklist". This checklist was the primary working-document used in the lunar module on the Moon.

Indeed, this was the checklist that the astronauts actually used to record their observations while still on the Moon.

From the private collection of by Gene Cernan it is also certified and signed by him - "Landed on the Moon aboard the Apollo 17 LM "Challenger" - Gene Cernan"

"Page 10-3 + 10-4" page from the lunar surface checklist - actually used by Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. This 5.5 x 8 inch checklist page is printed on both sides and certified by Gene Cernan on the front.

This page actual shows emergency procedures to follow should the crew return to orbit before the third and final EVA was made - luckily they never had to use this page.

It comes with an 8x10 photo documentation of Cernan holding the entire checklist. A fascinating and unique piece of history that was not only flown to the moon but actually used in the lunar module while on the lunar surface, it is available for $3,000.

Also from the private collection of and certified by Gene Cernan is an Apollo 17 flown landmark map of the landing site.

Apollo 17 landing site
Apollo 17 landing site

The best of all lunar landmark maps - the actual 8x10 map showing the Apollo 17 landing site along with the three EVA locations  - flown around the moon in the command module.

This 8x10 map is printed on the frontside and certified on the backside by Gene Cernan.

These were the geology maps used in lunar orbit to study the Moon both before and after the landing. They are actually plastic, not paper, maps.

Similar maps of the lunar surface, not the actual landing site, flown on Apollo 17 are constantly selling for $2,500-$6,000 already. A similar Apollo 16 map of the actual landing site realized $15,000 already in auction.

The map comes with an 8x10 documentation photo of Gene Cernan holding the entire map booklet and is available for $6,000. Click here for more details on the remaining item, a postal cover signed by NASA's Apollo 17 crew.


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