Hambleton meteorite to see $15,500 at Lyon & Turnbull?

A 2.9kg chunk of space rock known as the Hambleton Meteorite will sell as part of Lyon & Turnbull's auction of the Robert Elliott Meteorite Collection Part III on August 20 in Edinburgh.

Rob Elliott Hambledon Meteorite
Elliott has previously sold sections of the stone to institutions across the world

The rock, believed to have crash-landed in the UK in August 1783, will sell with a £7,000-10,000 estimate ($10,847-15,495).

Rob Elliott, a 52-year-old former aerospace engineer, found the rock on a track near Thirsk in North Yorkshire. It is the only pallasite (a mixture of iron and semi-precious gem stones) to have ever been found in the UK.

Elliot believes that it is the same rock described by witnesses of the Great Meteor of August 1783. He has previously sold a 5.8kg chunk of the meteorite for £11,000 ($17,045).

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