A majestic vintage signed photograph

This is one of the most incredible photographs ever taken.

Dated July 21, 1969.

It depicts the Apollo 11 Eagle lunar module returning from the moon.

And remarkably...

It includes every single person, alive or dead, in the history of the human race.

Except oneThe man who took it.

It's the exact opposite of a 'selfie'. Call it a 'selfless', if you will.

That's the kind of hero Michael Collins was.

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On the Dark Side of the Moon

Michael Collins (1930 – 2021) may never have set foot on the Moon.

But he got a better view of it than anyone.

"The sunlight was behind, and the sunlight was cascading 360 degrees around the rim of the moon," he recalled. "It made the most glorious spectacle you’ve ever seen in your life.”

As the Apollo 11 Command Module pilot, Collins played a truly unique role in space and aviation history.

Whilst Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their momentous steps below, he was left alone with just his thoughts and his tape recorder.

“Radio contact with the Earth abruptly cuts off at the instant I disappear behind the moon, I am alone now, truly alone, and absolutely isolated from any known life. I am it.

“If a count were taken, the score would be three billion plus two over on the other side of the moon, and one plus God knows what on this side.

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”The Right Stuff.

It takes a special kind of bravery to face that situation.

And Collins had it in spades.

"I was not lonely," he later said. "I had a happy little home in the command module. Behind the moon it was very peaceful — no one in Mission Control is yakkin' at me and wanting me to do this, that, and the other."

Michael Collins was truly made of 'The Right Stuff'. That's why he was chosen for two historic spaceflights during his career.

Firstly in 1966 aboard Gemini 10, when he became the first astronaut to conduct two space walks in a single mission.

And secondly in 1969 when... well, you know the rest.

The Apollo 11 crew are amongst the most famous figures in history.

So a Michael Collins autograph is an essential part of every collection.

And you should aim to own the finest example you can. Like this.

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A majestic signed photograph

This is a majestic vintage Michael Collins signed photograph.

And perhaps one of the earliest available.

Signed on an official NASA publicity portrait, circa 1964.

Taken after he first joined the Gemini and Apollo program in October 1963, as an original member of NASA's Astronaut Group 3.

The 8" by 10" portrait is preserved in stunning condition.

And it bears a superb example of Collins' autograph.

Signed clearly and without dedication in crisp black ink.

It's a signature worthy of any space and aviation collection.

Guaranteed 100% authentic, and certified by space autograph expert Scott Cornish.

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Good enough for the Smithsonian...

And if you ever want to compare this signature to another example...

You'll find one in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

On a panel inside the Columbia command module.

Signed and inscribed by a thankful Collins upon his return to Earth.

“Spacecraft 107, alias Apollo 11, alias “Columbia,”

“the finest ship to come down the line,

“God bless her. Michael Collins, CMP”

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An outstanding legacy

It's fitting that Collins takes pride of place at the Smithsonian.

Because after retiring from NASA, he became the Director of the National Air and Space Museum in 1971.

The grand museum that stands today was built thanks to his efforts.

“Artifacts of his extraordinary life will be displayed at our museum forever—but we remember him for much more than his role in history’s greatest adventure,” said current Director Christopher Brown.

“Whatever else may change as progress and history marches on, this will always be Mike’s museum.”

So Michael Collins spent the first part of his career making history.

And the second part preserving it for future generations.

As collectors, we really have a lot to thank him for.

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Valuable for generations

When Collins passed away in 2021 at the grand age of 90, Buzz Aldrin wrote this simple tribute:

“Dear Mike, Wherever you have been or will be, you will always have the fire to carry us deftly to new heights and to the future.”

As the pilot of Apollo 11, Michael Collins pushed the boundaries of flight further than anyone before him.

So as we head back to the Moon, then Mars and beyond...

His name will always stand as a monument to space exploration.

And that guarantees this signed photograph will be a valuable piece of history for generations to come.

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Own this photograph now

This is an excellent Michael Collins signed photograph.

Certainly one of the best I've offered in years.

  • A supremely early example dated circa 1964
  • Presented in almost perfect condition after 60 years
  • And beautifully signed without dedication

It will make a very fine addition to your collection.

You can purchase it now for only £1,995 ($2,400).

Buy this photograph now

This photograph comes with my Certificate of Authenticity and my personal Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

That means you can buy in complete confidence that it's 100% genuine.

And international delivery is free and fully insured.

Email me right away at info@paulfrasercollectibles.com to reserve it.

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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