Only 12 humans have experienced this

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The Moonwalkers Collection

 Hi fellow collector

Once there were 12. Today just 4 are still with us. 

12 men who shared an unimaginable experience.

All stood on the Moon. And looked back at the Earth.

They are the Moonwalkers.

It’s an exclusive club. It may be the most exclusive. And since membership closed in 1972…

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 12 men walked here - only four are alive today 

...It has never reopened.

The final four are in their late 80s and early 90s. Soon the last Moonwalker will be gone. New signatures from all 12 are now impossible to get.

You're about to see one of the very few collections of photographs signed by all 12 Moonwalkers.

t’s spine-tingling. And rare.

It’s one of the finest Moonwalker collections I’ve seen.Each signature clear and sharp. Some in pen. Others in marker. Each "pops" beautifully against the background. 

Each image selected with an eye for a story. Most show the signers during their missions. On the lunar surface. Clad in spacesuits.

Here’s the lander. The lunar rover. The flag.

View all 12 signatures below

(The photos I've taken for this email do not do the magnificence of this collection justice. If, upon receipt, you decide the collection isn't right for you, just return it within 28 days for a full refund.)

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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11: 1969)

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Pete Conrad and Alan Bean (Apollo 12: 1969)

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Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14: 1971)

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David Scott and James Irwin (Apollo 15: 1971)

John W Young and Charles Duke (Apollo 16: 1972)

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Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17: 1972) 

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Strong provenance

A single owner put this collection together.

They acquired these autographs - separately and painstakingly - over a number of years.

Included are photographs of the owner with five of the astronauts.

This entire collection is 100% authentic

I have personally scrutinised each signature. I am proud to cover the collection with my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity.

You also receive my Certificate of Authenticity.

Each photograph comes to you handsomely framed

Black backing against silver edging.

Mounted in twos. Values for Moonwalker collections are rising.

Up 40% a year on average since 2000, according to the PFC40 Autograph Index. And are currently valued at £19,000. 

Yet I acquired this piece a number of years ago. For a bargain price then. So I can let you have it for far below market value. 

Own the Moonwalkers Collection today for just £12,000 ($14,830). That is just £1,000 per astronaut. 

When you consider that Neil Armstrong signatures alone can sell for up to £9,000...

...You'll understand what an extraordinary opportunity this is.  


Call (UK) 0117 933 9500 to make it yours. 

Or email immediately.

Do not wait 

Collections like this rarely come up for sale.

Owners don’t part with them lightly. And they're impossible to recreate personally today. 

Don't delay at this price. 

Until next time,


PS. This dramatic collection superbly captures the essence of the 12 Moonwalkers. Buy it now.

PPS. You get free delivery to anywhere in the world. Fast and fully insured. 

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