Top 5 Queen Elizabeth II collectibles

In honour of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, who this week is celebrating the 60th anniversary of her crowning, we take a look at her top 5 collectibles. 

5. Regal bubbly

Pol Rgoer Champagne 1947
Pol Roger has long been the celebratory fizz of the royal family, used for Prince Charles' marriage to Princess Diana and other important occasions

In 1952, the year that Elizabeth became Queen, aged 26, a number of special Pol Roger Champagne bottles were stashed away in her name, with the intention of being drunk at her Silver Jubilee celebrations.

However, a few bottles escaped the Queen's thirsty guests in 1977 and made it to a June 2012 Bonhams auction.

Labelled "Special Reserve for the Silver Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1977", three bottles of the vintage bubbly sold for a combined £1,610 ($2,464).  

4. Princess Elizabeth photographs and letter

Princess Elizabeth sketch Queen Dame Laura Knight
This 1950 sketch of the young Princess was completed by the late Dame Laura Knight

Before she became Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch was known simply as Princess Elizabeth.

She had become second in line to the throne following the abdication of King Edward VIII, which caused her father, George VI, to take his place in 1936. As his eldest child, she would inevitably become queen.

A collection of photographs of the young princess sold at auction for £8,500 ($13,485) in May 2011, joined by a selection of ephemera and letters written by the soon-to-be Queen.

The Queen is said to have always been aware of her duties, with Winston Churchill describing her as "a character", adding: "She has an air of authority and reflectiveness astonishing in an infant," when she was just two years old.

3. The Royal Land Rover

Queen's Land Rover auction
The Land Rover features a traffic light button system, so that the Queen could signal for the driver to stop, go slow, or start

In November 2012, just a few months after the Diamond Jubilee celebrations drew to a close, a 1978 Series III Land Rover that once belonged to the Queen appeared at auction.

The huge, bulky car was not actually driven by the Queen herself, instead being used to transport her safely from place to place.

Dubbed the Royal Review State V, it was modified by the Ministry of Defence to include retractable steps, allowing her to alight with the expected elegance. Also included were stop, slow and start buttons in the rear that allowed the Queen to signal to her driver.

The collectible allure of Queen Elizabeth saw the vehicle achieve a 57.6% increase on estimate to sell for £28,480 ($47,470).

2. Queen Elizabeth's frilly knickers

Queen Elizabeth II knickers jubilee
The Queen's knickers once belonged to 'the Hugh Hefner of Miami'

This pair of lavish silk knickers was apparently left on a private aeroplane during the Queen's visit to Chile in 1968.

Marked with the Royal Crown cipher and a personalised "E" embroidered into them, they were found by the plane's pilot and then gifted to aristocratic playboy Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, better known as "Sepy" or "the Hugh Hefner of Miami".

In an attempt to preserve the Queen's modesty, Buckingham Palace refused to confirm the undergarments as belonging to Elizabeth, yet they still made £11,930 ($17,283) last year, boosted by the excitement of the Jubilee.

1. Queen Elizabeth II's 1984 Daimler

Queen Elizabeth II 1984 Daimler
This was actually driven by the Queen, a keen motoring enthusiast

You may not think of Queen Elizabeth as a car collector, but she is actually a keen motoring enthusiast, having served in the transport corps of the British Army during the second world war, which involved driving ambulances and changing wheels.

This 1984 Daimler, a typically regal ride, was delivered to Buckingham Palace from new for Elizabeth's personal use. She employed it to drive around the vast Windsor Estate, as well as to visit friends in and around London.

Like all royal motors, the car was specially modified for the Queen's use, including a special communications system and a rear bench to accommodate the corgis. It sold for $70,000 in 2010.

Commemorate Queen Elizabeth's reign with this fantastic 1954 family portrait, which has been signed by both Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. It shows the couple with their eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

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