Emperor Franz Joseph's hair up 2,949% on estimate

A lock of hair from one of central Europe's most significant royals, Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph, has auctioned for €13,720 ($17,844) - a 2,949% increase on its €400 presale estimate.

The sale took place yesterday (April 25) at Vienna's historic Dorotheum Auction House.

Franz Joseph hair auction
The royal hair is housed in a beautiful box lined with blue velvet

The hair was offered from the estate of Eugen Ketterl, the emperor's final personal valet, who waited on Franz Joseph during his final years, right up until his death in 1916.

The long lock of white, curled hair was kept in a blue velvet lined box. It was given to Ketterl as a way of topping us his salary.

Also offered from Ketterl's collection was a hand-written inventory of the emperor's clothing, which made €10,265 ($13,350).

Celebrity hair has previously proved extremely popular among collectors. In 2011, a lock of Justin Beiber's hair sold for $32,530 on eBay.

The $17,844 paid for Joseph's hair means his follicles top those of emperor Napoleon, whose hair brought $13,296 in 2010.

We currently have an extensive range of hair in stock, including this lock of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson's hair, which is housed in a beautifully carved agate box.

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