Top 5 Kate Middleton collectibles

5. Brad Pitt's Kate Middleton and Prince William stencil artwork by Bambi

Brad Pitt is rumoured to have splashed out thousands of dollars on a stencil artwork of Catherine Middleton and Prince William arm in arm, on the day they announced their engagement, the words "a bit like Marmite" written across their chests.

The artwork was created by North London artist and graphic designer Bambi. Pitt bought two other works by Bambi along with the engagement image and the three paintings are believed to have set him back £60,000 ($96,600).  

4. A pair of Kate Middleton's hats

Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge Hat Auction
Kate sporting the Philip Somerville hat in Windsor

In June 2012, a pair of the duchess's hats, which she wore months prior to her marriage to Prince William, sold for £6,939 ($11,174). The pair comprised a black and white Philip Somerville creation that Kate wore when Prince William was officially given membership to The Order of the Garter, and a black "Aurora" picture hat seen at the wedding of Harry Meade, one of Britain's leading event riders. Although both hats exemplify the duchess's simple, classic taste, neither came close in price to the infamous pale pink hat Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding, which sold on eBay in 2011 for £81,101 ($130,600).      

3. Kate Middleton's first car

Kate Middelton VW golf car
The princess's first car failed to sell on eBay

A royal blue, 2001 VW Golf, which Kate owned while at St Andrews University, appeared on eBay in 2011. Its current owner, Sonny Brazil, possibly indulging Panglossian delusions, has described the vehicle, as "the best piece of royal history any one could ever own." Despite receiving a top bid of £48,100 ($77,468), the car failed to meet its reserve.      

2. The dress Kate Middleton wore to woo Wills

The dress that started it all... sold for £78,000

During a charity fashion show in their first year at St Andrews, Kate donned a see-through lace dress which is believed to have turned the Prince's head. The Bristol-designed, strapless dress, which is made from knitted lace, eventually sold in 2011 for £78,000 ($105,000) after a flurry of bidding. Charlotte Todd, who made the dress, commented at the time: "I am totally speechless and feel very emotional. I really didn't think it would make that amount. I am planning to put some of the money towards a deposit for a house, but perhaps I may use some to change my career."     

1. A slice of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding cake

Kate Middleton top 5 collectibles
The first slice of Catherine and William's wedding cake ever to sell at auction.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding cake was designed by Fiona Cairns. A rich fruit cake; portions were presented to 650 guests at the afternoon reception held in Buckingham Palace on April 29, 2011. Paul Fraser Collectibles were lucky enough to be able to offer a boxed slice at auction in May 2012. The item, accompanied by a 16 page Order of Service from Westminster Abbey, was the first of its kind to have appeared at auction, and sold for the queenly sum of £1,918 ($3,089).  

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