Baby boom! The royal collectibles market is set to surge

As far as we're concerned, there has only really been one subject of discussion this week - the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

And while the pregnancy is still in the early stages, the excitement caused by the future monarch's impending arrival has reached fever pitch.

Reporters remain camped outside the hospital where the duchess is currently undergoing treatment, waiting for any sign of news.

And of course, the excitement has spread to the collectibles market. Already souvenir manufacturers are gearing up for a rush in sales, with the first commemorative ceramics already being released.

Royal impact

The Centre for Retail Research told the BBC that £199m ($320m) was spent on Kate and William's royal wedding souvenirs.

The Emma Bridgewater firm - a UK-based ceramics company - also said that it had sold £1m of its stock for the 2011 wedding, and it is already producing congratulatory mugs.

Looking towards high-end collectibles, the infamous see-through dress that first attracted William to Kate sold for £78,000 ($125,535) in 2011.

PFC Auctions has also felt the effects of the royal wedding, with the first slice of cake from their ceremony selling for £1,917 ($3,085).  

Even Forbes has cited the "Kate Middleton effect", which has drastically changed the profits of some of the top fashion brands. Leading label Alexander McQueen, who designed the duchess' wedding dress, has attributed a 27% increase in profits between 2010 and 2011 to Kate's remarkable impact.

Invest now

Princess Diana and Prince Charles signed Christmas card
A perfect Christmas gift to mark the special occasion

The royal family are big business in the world of collectibles.

And now Kate is following in the footsteps of Princess Diana, whose autograph has risen in value by 17.83% pa since 2000, and capturing the public's heart like no other.

I feel strongly that this week's royal baby news can only be positive for high end royal memorabilia sales, building on the momentum provided by the royal wedding and the Queen's jubilee.

We have already established ourselves as the place to turn to when it comes to royal collectibles. We currently offer a superb range of royal memorabilia in our online store, with some fantastic pieces to help you join this thriving market. Here are some of my favourites with the anticipated royal arrival in mind:

·   Princess Diana and Prince Charles signed Christmas card, with the baby Prince William on their laps.

·  George V and Princess Victoria's autograph childhood drawings - a personal favourite, the charming doodles of a future king and his sister.

·  Princess Diana worn trousers - a fantastic designed piece that commemorates the princess' inimitable style.

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All the best,


Paul Fraser

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