Brand new: A rarity from a murdered Royal

Revolution. War.

Mystics and murder.

The death of a family. The birth of a nation.

And a story that haunts us all to this day.

This is an autograph that binds them all together.

Signed by Tsar Nicholas II. The last Emperor of Russia.

It's a rare piece from a remarkable period in world history.

And you're the first to see it.

A rare survivor of the Russian Revolution

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This is an official Royal decree, signed by Nicholas II in November 1905.

The same year as the First Russian Revolution.

As Nicholas put pen to paper, he faced violent uprisings on every side.

There were protests, mass strikes and naval mutinies.

And just three weeks after he signed this document, Nicholas signed another: The October Manifesto, which led to the Russian Empire's first Constitution.

So the historic context of this autograph couldn't be more important.

It features a superb example of Nicholas' rare signature.

And incredibly, it also survived the 1917 Russian Revolution intact when countless others like it were destroyed.

A very fine autograph for your collection

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This official Russian Royal document is entitled:

“Decree to the chapter of Russian Imperial and Tsarist orders and medals”.

Printed in Cyrillic, it bestows three noblemen with the grand title 'Cavalier of Our Imperial Order of St. Anna'.

It measures 22cm by 35.5cm, the perfect size for framing and display.

And the condition is good, with only small paper chips and minor creasing.

As a collector, your main focus will be on the signature itself.

And let me assure you, this is a very fine autograph indeed.

Crisp, clear and confidently signed by Nicholas in black ink.

It's a strong, significant addition for any world history collection.

The murders that changed the modern world

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This royal document may have survived the Russian Revolution in 1917...

But the Royal family did not.

During Nicholas II's reign the demand for social change swept across Russia, driven by oppression, poverty, suffering and starvation.

His armies suffered heavy defeats in WWI. His family fell under the dark influence of the sinister faith healer Rasputin.

And eventually he paid the ultimate price for his failures as a leader.

Forced to abdicate, Nicholas was captured by Bolsheviks and brutally executed along with his wife and five young children.

Those murders marked the birth of Communism and the Soviet Union.

The road that led directly to the Cold War and the current global crisis.

It's a legacy that still haunts us to this day.

You'll need to move quickly

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This is a rare autograph on a beautifully preserved document.

Signed by the hand of an Emperor. Tsar Nicholas II.

One of the most fascinating characters of the 20th century.

  • It features a first-class example of Nicholas II's autograph
  • The size and condition make it a perfect display piece
  • And it was signed at a major moment in world history

This piece of paper survived the chaos and bloodshed of the Russian Revolution, passed down carefully through generations...

And here it is today. Sat on my desk. It's quite remarkable.

But let me warn you...

When items of this calibre arrive in stock, you have to move quickly.

Nicholas II is an autograph I so rarely have in stock.

Collectors with a passion for history will know the value of this piece.

More than a few of them will want it for their collections.

If you're one of them, act now. Get in first.

Don't miss you chance to own this Royal rarity.

Purchase it today for just £3,995 ($5,050).

Purchase this item now

And don't forget:

This costume is covered with our Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee.

It comes supplied with a full Certificate of Authenticity, backed up by my 45 years in the industry.

And international delivery is free and fully insured.

So you buy it today and enjoy it for years to come, with complete confidence for the future.

To secure this superb piece for your collection contact me now.

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Until next time,

Paul Fraser.

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