US 1858 5c stamp to sell for $80,000?

A US 1858 5c brick red stamp is expected to sell for up to $80,000.

It will star in the Hanover Collection of Superb-Quality US Stamps auction at Robert A Siegel in New York on April 7.

Five cent Siegel
A total of 135,000 1858 5c stamps were printed

Perforated stamps were introduced in the US in 1857. The 5c issue was changed from a dark red to a brick red in 1858. A total of 135,000 were printed, of which very few have survived.

This example features much of its original gum and is the highest graded (VF 80) in its class.

Siegel comments: "After surveying dozens of classic United States sale catalogues, we found approximately twenty examples of Scott 27 with original gum…

"We are confident that this stamp is one of the two finest original-gum examples of the 5c Brick Red.

"Compared with every other we located using [Google's] Power Search, it has superior centering, and of course it is sound and fresh."

An 1851 1c blue will be another highlight, with an estimate of up to $67,500.

The issue was introduced following a drop in postal rates. As the cost of delivering mail got cheaper, new stamps were introduced.

The image was printed too large on the 1c stamp, leading to a variety of overlapping margins. In total there are seven distinct types for the issue, which range in value.

The present lot is type I and shows parts of neighbouring stamps to the left and right.

Type I is the most sought after as it is the only variant that shows the complete design, with no overlapping.

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