An attempt by Iran at a goodwill gesture towards its near neighbour Egypt has been received coldly. In fact, it's not being received at all.

Iran had created a stamp showing Marwa Al-Sherbini. Al-Sherbini was stabbed to death in a German courtroom during a case she was bringing against her neighbour, a Russian immigrant, who had been subjecting her to abuse for wearing her hijab.

The commissioning of the stamp was intended to honour her as a martyr, but Egypt clearly feels it is in bad taste. The murder was brutal, and took place under two months ago on July 1. Al-Sherbini was pregnant at the time, and the killing took place in front of her three year old son.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was highly critical of the judge and jury in the Dresden courtroom at the time, as well as the German government and Western governments' attitudes to non-citizens in general.

However, Egypt's government has refused to accept mail bearing the stamp into the country which is as emphatic a criticism as any.

A stamp was discontinued at the prototype stage in Germany in 2001. It depicted Audrey Hepburn smoking, and her son raised objections. One of the 5 remaining copies of the stamp sold for €67,000 ($93,800) earlier in the year due to its rarity.  ____________________________________________________________

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