A United Kingdom investment company has been advising their clients to invest in rare stamps... well, one in particular...

With a tag line of 'Run by investors for investors' ProActive Investors have been advising clients to look out for the exceptionally rare Tyrian Plum stamp from the reign of Edward VII.

"Very, very few examples remain in private hands. One Tyrian Plum appeared for sale on the open market as part of a miscellaneous collection back in 1993, but none since."

ProActive go on to say that "whilst, sadly, Stanley Gibbons cannot claim to have the "Tyrian Plum" 2d in stock they do have the next best thing...."

Forget the next best thing. At Paul Fraser Collectibles we do have a Tyrian Plum in stock.

This is one of the world's rarest stamps. Approximately 12 are known to exist, one of which is in The Royal Philatelic Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Click here to read more about this exceptional stamp and, ultimately, why you should be buying it.  

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