Scinde Dawk half anna stamp tops Medina Collection at $15,000

Part II of the award-winning Medina Collection of India has been sold at Spink, with a half anna scarlet from the Scinde Dawk issue leading the May 21 auction in London.

Scinde Dawk Half Anna 1852
The half anna is a classic rarity among Indian stamps, with less than 100 known today

The 1852 stamp sold for £10,000 ($15,199). The term Scinde Dawk is derived from the old postal system of Sindh, and now refers to India's first postage stamps before the arrival of adhesives.

Scinde was the British word for the province of Sindh, with Dawk being the anglicised spelling of the Hindustani word for post.

The half anna from this issue is a classic rarity of India, with less than 100 known in total. The item at auction is an attractive example, though some repairs - combined with the fact that it was tied to a small piece of paper to which it didn't belong - hampered the final sale price.

India Four Annas cover
The four annas is one of the most iconic stamps of India, with the inverted error of the utmost rarity

The second highest bids of the sale were seen by a spectacular cover featuring seven examples of the 1854 four annas stamp, each tied to a cover that was sent to Wellingborough, England via Southampton.

With all the stamps believed to be from Stone E and each cancelled by a diamond of dots, the cover sold for £7,500 ($11,399).

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