Interasia set to stamp their authority on philatelic market in September



All eyes will be on Interasia again this September as another exceptional collection of rare and valuable philatelic items are sold by the specialist Asian and Chinese stamp auctioneers.

On the last weekend of September, the 24th and 25th, the large assortment of unique pieces will be sure to attract a lot of attention from philatelists who specialise in collecting stamps from one of the Asian countries or who just want to expand their collection beyond just Western stamps.

Already listed as part of the auction are sought after Chinese, Japanese and Hong Kong stamps, many of which give a fascinating insight into the contrasting cultures of the countries.

For example, a number of items released as part of the Cultural Revolution issues in the late 1960s depict the strength of Chinese patriotism, at a time when the country was beginning to expand its influence and spread its wings.


Iconic stamps like this should sell for many thousands at auction

This is shown especially well by the incredibly rare 1968 'Whole Country is Red' and 'Great Victory of Cultural Revolution' 8f. in a pristine marginal block of four.

Other important philatelic pieces which are sure to spark a lot of interest include four outstanding lots, which are an 1881 large dragon Japanese post office cover, an 1891 German 10pf. card with small dragon, a unique 1897 envelope marked with 'Imperial Post Office/Woosung' oval, and an 1898 envelope to Shanghai.

Stamp collecting and philately has become hugely popular in Asia, and China especially, as investors who are part of the expanding middle classes seek to buy back their history.

Collecting them was banned by Chairman Mao until his death in 1976, but since then the pastime has experience a popularity explosion. It is though China now has 18m philatelists.


Mao inscription Japanese worker stamp block
This amazing Mao corner block broke $1m in March

This drastic development is proved by occurrences like the selling of an 1897 Chinese stamp for $710,600 in 2010 to an Asian buyer. The item was one of just 32 examples known to exist, produced by the Qing dynasty for the country's new postal service.

Interasia have been leading this charge, as earlier this year in March an inverted surcharge stamp block sold for $700,000 in a record breaking sale.

At the staggering sale in Hong Kong, a unique 1968 Mao's Inscription to Japanese Worker Friends corner block of four from the Cultural Revolution era sold for HK$8,970,000 (US$1,151,630), setting a new world record for a Chinese stamp lot at auction.


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