Chartwell sale scores $1.7m record price for 'world's most famous stamp'



Here's another Paul Fraser Collectibles update from today's sale of the Chartwell Collection of British Empire stamps, taking place at Spink in London....

And we can report that the stamp described by many 'the most famous stamp in the world' has brought approximately £1.08m ($1.7m) including buyer's premium.

The price is a record for a stamp sold at auction in the United Kingdom.

The Chartwell Mauritius 'Post Office' 2d blue is probably the most beautifully preserved example of its kind.

Released in tiny numbers in 1847 for the purpose of sending Ball invitations, they were the first stamps created for use in the British Empire outside the mainland.

Created with 'Post Office' running up the side, the stamps were soon replaced by a 'Post Paid' version, leading to a myth about the stamp's designer being half-blind and making a goofy mistake. This is untrue, but what is true is that philatelists have devoted their lives to studying the issue.

 1847 Mauritius blue Post Office two penny

The Mauritius 'Post Office' 2d blue, the Chartwell examaple sold for a fantastic £1.08m

As much as any other stamp in the philatelists' cornucopia that is the Chartwell collection, we've been anticipating the Mauritius 2d's sale...

Now the news has just come back that it has sold for an incredible £1.08m after a frantic bidding war against a £400,000-500,000 estimate.

The stamp's new owner joins a history of Mauritius 'Post Office' owners that includes Count Ferrary, Thomas Tapling and Maurice Burrus.

The stamp was purchased by an anonymous telephone bidder; although it is believed he/she also purchased Lot 142, the Virgin Islands 'Missing Virgin' stamp 1867 one shilling, black and rose carmine stamp for £144,000 ($229,778).

Watch this space, or follow us on Twitter, as we bring you regular updates from Spink's amazing Chartwell auction as we bring you highlights from the saleroom floor.


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